how to: pipe shelf

what you’ll need: wood, stain, pipe pieces, flanges, screws, drill, measuring tape

Heres what i used: For the wood i went with pine, its cheap and stains well. I had it cut to length at home depot. these are 3ft .went with walnut for the stain. 3/4 in gas line for the pipe cut to 18in long pieces, you can also do galvanized or paint it anything you’d like. I had five shelves so that means 16 18in pieces of pipe and 32 flanges. Whatever you decide you just need twice the number of flanges as pipe.

so originally my man had made a version of this for the store with casters on the bottom and we get a lot of questions about it so I thought I’d do a post. that one he made we left unstained and it looks great that way too. For these I wanted a pair and for the wood to be a little darker and more weathered looking.

once you get the pieces it goes pretty quickly. I recommend staining the wood outside as its stinky and using gloves, I never do ( dont ask me why, Im impatient:)  and my hands are always so gross after. The picture shows one coat of stain.While thats drying I spray painted the flanges. I used a satin finish rustoleum, 2 coats. I let everything dry for a little while. Everyone will tell you to let the stain dry for a day…i cant wait for anything that long( i told you im impatient).so i just go for it when it seems dry to the touch.

Next you start putting the flanges on. Measure the same distance from each corner so they will line up with each level you add. This is where a drill will make your life a WHOLE lot easier. once you’ve  finished screwing in the flanges you twist on a pipe, then a flange onto each of those.  Now, put your next piece of wood flat on the ground and flip the piece with the hardware you just did onto it. Then you screw the flanges onto that piece. So the flanges that were on top are now on the bottom. You will have to do this for every step so depending on how big your muscles are, you made need a helper 😉 then you can add casters if you want. Voila! industrial shelf for all your sweet stuff to be displayed.

3 thoughts on “how to: pipe shelf

  1. Janna says:

    How do you not mount this to the wall and keep it stable?

  2. Monica says:

    i love this!

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