cuffs and cactus




this weekend we were cleaning up the prickly pear massacre that was the result of the recent freeze. for those of you who are not in arizona, when it freezes here ( which is, needless to say, not very often)  huge chunks of cactus break off and its REALLY sad. They will come back but they’re slow growers so it feels really tragic. I have a tons of paddle cactus in my yard and there were paddles everywhere. it took us all day but we were able to replant some of the larger pieces which is a small consolation for all the loss ( so i may be a tad dramatic when it come to cactus death) annnyway, i wanted to do something with some of the singles so I took this pic of our new wishbone cuffs on one and since they’re made by jeremiah right here in tucson it seems fitting …photo turned out pretty neat.

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