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say hello to our new wardrobe essentials table! something i feel strongly about providing in the shop are good quality basics around which you can build a wardrobe that is uniquely you. i believe this is the beginning of developing your own personal style,having a good core of items that  you feel  good in and that will last. then as you collect those special items you will have these pieces to pair with them. you can an add an amazing vintage jacket or the special jewelry you inherited from your mom to your basics and look individual. come check out the current collection of items and look out for new additions.


lna basic scoop tee,  clean black and denim James Jeans twiggy, clare vivier brown leather pouch, simple everyday jewelry, oversized cotton button ups, lacey bra and underwear, the classic mens-style organic cotton pj, BAGGU drawstring pouch in tan and black, the classic vintage sunglasses. all available on the site!

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2 thoughts on “essentials

  1. Elizabeth McDonnell says:


    Elizabeth McDonnell Photographer Phone:520.909.8501 Follow me on Facebook!

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  2. I totally agree, having good essentials is the cornerstone to a great wardrobe. Btw, love your boutique! Check out the review I did here:

    I’m bummed that my show that was supposed to happen in Tucson got moved to GA this year. I was definitely planning on stopping by!

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