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Welcome Archive New York to the shop! Let me tell you, these pillows are no joke. Beautifully made, with feather inserts, and the textures are so good. I personally took home the tassel, but I love them all. All inspired by or incorporating vintage Guatemalan textiles. A textile lover after my own heart ūüėČ

In the maker, Amira’s, own words:

Archive New York is a Brooklyn based textile collection founded in 2014 by Amira Marion.

ARCHIVE NEW YORK is devoted to creating a tangible digital collection of vintage and antique fabric remnants. We hunt down the rarest, most unique textiles and transform them into an assemblage of radiantly colorful silk prints.  At ARCHIVE, we treasure rich color palettes and textures and seek to add beauty and eclecticism from distant lands to your home and life.

For the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection, Dream States, we turned to classic Guatemalan woven textiles for our inspiration.

In our second collection: ARCHIVE NY HANDMADE, we worked with the non-profit Maya Traditions and its local weavers in Panajachel, Guatemala, to recreate some of our favorite traditional textiles.

read more about her here!

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