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sherie muijis x greta van der star

Beautiful video by my pal Greta Van der Star for Sheri Muijs. Find her exquisite shirt No. 1 on the site here




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I’ve been admiring the work of Paloma Wool for some time now and I’m very excited to now be carrying her pieces in the shop. Above are some of my favorite images of hers.

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IMG_2954 IMG_2953 IMG_2961 IMG_2962 IMG_2955   IMG_2957IMG_2973 IMG_2958IMG_2964 IMG_2967


say hello to our new wardrobe essentials table! something i feel strongly about providing in the shop are good quality basics around which you can build a wardrobe that is uniquely you. i believe this is the beginning of developing your own personal style,having a good core of items that  you feel  good in and that will last. then as you collect those special items you will have these pieces to pair with them. you can an add an amazing vintage jacket or the special jewelry you inherited from your mom to your basics and look individual. come check out the current collection of items and look out for new additions.


lna basic scoop tee,  clean black and denim James Jeans twiggy, clare vivier brown leather pouch, simple everyday jewelry, oversized cotton button ups, lacey bra and underwear, the classic mens-style organic cotton pj, BAGGU drawstring pouch in tan and black, the classic vintage sunglasses. all available on the site!

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nice branding


we get lots of mail from lots of great brands but im always struck by great branding and packaging form likeminded people who go that extra mile. today i got this great looking one from the people at  jack dandy, complete with two pocket squares! and that card is wood people.

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outtakes and extras

IMG_0796 IMG_0809    IMG_0911IMG_0885IMG_0980IMG_0928 IMG_0819 IMG_0872 IMG_1008IMG_0977 IMG_0773

sometimes i love the outtakes more than the ones we end up using for emails and what not. theres a lot of joking around and experimenting going on so you never know what your going to get! ( i may have been making an inappropriate comment in the one where shes laughing, what can i say? ) loving our new model Lauren Free and of course Ali Kerns behind the lens.

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its been an extremely long and arduous process but the day has finally arrived! our website is finally up and running and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I couldnt have done it without some really talented people (all women now that I think about it! ) Thanks to ali hawley our web designer for the beautiful site. alison kerns, my right hand woman, for all of her hard work photographing product, uploading, and generally making my online life easier;) and of course my bestie elizabeth mcdonnell, photographer extraordinaire, for the beautiful homepage photos. keep checking back as we continue to add new product and lookbooks.

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gift wrap

This season I thought I’d add a little something extra to our gift boxes 🙂